Holy Spirit Speaks!

I guess in these people’s opinion me and my entire church just about are alll heretics because Holy Spirit talks to many of us regularly! But sadly this is what the world is coming to! 

Stop it y’all! Can’t you see!? Can’t you see that this is just the way that the enemy is causing division between us? How can we give him that satisfaction? If we can’t love each other, one another as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, without name calling, or downgrading each other’s beliefs what is there? What are we fighting for? What are we here for? Biggest question what did Christ die for? What did Holy Spirit come for if He can’t talk directly to us? How is He to comfort us (since the Bible does call Him The Comforter) if He’s not allowed to speak  to us outside if The Word?
This baffles me and makes me think that maybe people aren’t reading their Bible thoroughly, or even worse, they just don’t understand what they are reading or they are being taught false info on it and they’re taking what they’re not understanding and using it against each other! We fight against principalities y’all! We ARE NOT fighting against each other! I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s jealousy, “I’m not getting spoke to by  Holy Spirit so you must be lying or blaspheming or a heretic?” Bad upbringing/teaching? I don’t understand it! I was far from raised to believe in Holy Spirit but here I am! Believing AND being spoken to daily! I don’t believe because I was raised that way! I don’t believe because I was taught to I believe that way (after all, Catholics don’t speak to Holy Spirit)! I believe because it’s simply true! He has come to me personally and encountered me one in one! He came to my valley, my pit, my self created dungeon! He has come and He has spoke to me! And, yes, He speaks to me daily.
Here’s the thing y’all! If we can’t even love each other despite our differences in doctrine and theology, how are we supposed to love those outside of the church as the Lord has commanded us to do? I like Beth Moore, but this isn’t about whether or not I like a person. Do I agree with everything she says? Not at all. But I’m able to discern and glean what I need to from her and I do believe that Holy Spirit speaks to her just as He does the rest of us. I think though that when we have a mindset like this we tune Him out we can’t hear Him because we’re too busy saying that He doesn’t speak to us! Well, The Word says does! So that’s all I need!
But know that regardless of your opinion on this matter I still love you! ALL OF YOU! Agnostic,  atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, any non-believer, and every believer, I love you ALL! And I believe that Holy Spirit even speaks to you! I don’t believe that you have to believe in order for Him to move because I’ve watched Him move deeply in lives of people who still don’t believe in Him! The wonderful thing about an all-knowing all-powerful God is that you don’t have to believe in Him for him to be in control and for Him to move greatly in your life!


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