Adult content! PG13+ Subject matter gets deep!

So today I want to talk to you on a super real level. The Lord has been dealing heavily with me on some stuff and it is time to share that now.

Many of you know, the rest are about learn, I have a past that involved addiction. And I have seen, from my childhood through my adult life, it’s catastrophic effects on the lives it touches.

As a child, I saw it destroy my family in many ways. There were multiple adults that I looked up to that I saw fall to the deep roots if addiction. And y’all, ALL addiction is REAL AND DISTRUCTIVE!!! But today I want to get REAL specific with y’all! I want to look at METH ADDICTION! Sadly I’ve been seeing it peek up in the lives of people I either live or have loved. Recently I’ve seen it in family members and a few “people I used to know.” It’s been in my heart and The Lord said to write a specific, private list for me to pray over. It was to be a list of those that are currently being touched by meth addiction. He said He’d give me the names if I would just write! So I did. And I knew the top 4 or 5 people right away (He showed me my judgement…..I had to repent).

But then, He opened up a flood gate! I stared writing down names of folks I’d never even met! It was amazing but also very saddening to see the list growing (He also said leave a blank page to add names over time).

I began to cry out in my soul for the families and friends of them all! I’ve made people the victims of my own addiction years ago and have been the survivor of other’s addictions. I praise God that I am able to pray so earnestly for those on BOTH sides, as I’ve been on BOTH sides.

Y’all meth addiction is REAL! It’s everywhere and touching the lives of some of those closest to us daily…..often without our knowing till it’s much harder to come out of it.

The signs are there early on!

Do not be the loved one that is afraid to “call them out” or address the signs early.

Do your own research! Make it specific to your situation. You’ll be amazed what you learn! And at how many are actually affected by this! I was!

I just have a few more infographics I found on Google to be informative and interesting.

My heart is still breaking, but I’m seeing more and more that awareness and prayer is the best course of action!

Thank you for reading!

May The Lord bless you greatly! In the name of Jesus!

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