9/11…let’s forgive?

“9/11. Never forget…the day the world stood still…”

I hear it said so many times every year on this day. Well, today it’s been no different. 16 years ago today the world Stood Still.

Yes, I do believe it is important to always remember these things so that we don’t relive them. However, our country harbors bitterness for this. So, today, my prayer is not just that we don’t forget but that the Lord of forgiveness reminds us all how much he’s forgiven us and how HE has already forgiven those that attacked us that day.

So, today, let’s remember that. Let’s remember to forgive and use the attacks as a lesson and not just in forgiveness but in unity, community and strength!

May God bless everyone today from survivors, to those who were lost, and to those who were even never affected but still hurt and mourn for the broken hearted!

If HE can forgive who are WE to hold bitterness.


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