Shreveport “Chose Life” Prayer Team Update

This is this week’s update from our Shreveport “chose life” prayer team. This group of ladies go to the Shreveport abortion clinic bi-weekly all year long and sometimes even twice weekly during the Spring and Autumn 40 Days for Life campaigns and are trained in sidewalk advocacy by Sidewalk Advocates for Life, who run the Shreveport area 40 Days for Life campaigns.


Please pray for B and her baby. She did not come over to talk to us, but her friend D (not the father per his report) did. When we told him about the free services at Mary’s House he took the card and went in to try to get her to go there instead. She would not come out so she is at least abortion minded enough to be willing to throw $50 dollars at them. D prayed with us and took pamphlets to give her. Please pray for him especially because women sometimes put their friends in a hard place expecting them to help with abortion plans. Yet another group of people people who are affected by abortions, the friends who end up regretting their part in it.

Please pray for M and her baby as well as her 8 month old daughter. The short interval between pregnancies seemed to be her motivating factor. We are hopeful about her. She is from Arkansas and when I showed her the 800# for the PRCS she said “Oh good, I can find one near me.” Her aspect seemed to brighten as the conversation progressed. She didn’t say it but she seemed like a person who was looking for a sign. Happy to be that as God allows.

If any of you wonder whether God is hearing you when you pray with us,here is a word of encouragement. A couple arrived shortly after we did and she gave us a hard look and a wave off when we called out to them. He hesitated at the door but went on in. He went in and out a couple of times and we figured she had corrected him because he gave us stern looks and eventually waved us off. When she came out I gave it one more try, hoping she would take the pamphlets. She stared at the pavement all the way to her car. Then the unexpected happened. They drove out past us and rolled down the window. They both were very open to receiving information and prayer. They didn’t commit to changing their minds but God has definitely moved them from being set on abortion to considering another choice. So please continue to pray for SJ and her baby. God is at work. Real hope. Thanks for praying with us.

If you would like to learn more on sidewalk advocacy please contact us! We have teams that pray regularly and training is available! Volunteers are greatly needed!

May God Bless You


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