The blood covers ALL…..even knees and shoes! Nike and CK….just stop it!

For all who are boycotting Nike I FULLY UNDERSTAND your point and reasoning. BUT it will not hurt them.

Let me share a few things.

*This mess has only upped their sales approximately 33% daily.
*They outfit the entire NFL! All 30something teams AND those who own and operate each team.
*They own half dozen or so other brands that you’re probably unaware of as well.

This is taken off their own website:

When most people think of Nike, they think of the Swoosh. It’s one of the most recognized symbols in the world. The brand it represents is our strongest asset. We’ve been very strategic in adding dimension to the Nike Brand, making it a powerful and flexible engine for growth.

Using the same kind of thoughtful and deliberate strategy, we’ve created a portfolio of brands capable of reaching across multiple sports, lifestyle categories, and price points.

In addition to the Nike and Jordan brands, our wholly-owned subsidiaries include Cole Haan (luxury shoes, handbags, accessories and coats); Converse (athletic and lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories); Hurley (action sports and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories); Nike Golf, and Umbro (a leading U.K. based football/soccer brand). Each strengthens our ability to maximize our reach and relevance worldwide.

Each brand speaks to a different, clearly defined consumer, which diversifies opportunities for long-term growth. And even as we benefit from the diversity of our brand portfolio, we’re also leveraging our resources and core competencies in product, marketing, and operations to drive consistent growth and profitability.

*You’re giving them publicity every time you mention them. (Even this post does that)*In the real world there is no bad or good publicity. (Ask a marketing agent….even ‘bad publicity” is getting the name out and increasing awareness of the subject. Be it a brand, person or whatever)
*Best thing you can do is to STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND BRING IT TO GOD! Stop telling all of social media about your boycotting and start telling GOD about WHY you’re boycotting! I PROMISE you WILL get better results!

Do I agree with it all? To be honest, I just don’t care! Not because of respect for a country or a race or any of that….but because at the end of the day I know who I am in Christ and NONE of this affects that in the slightest! If you can be shaken to the core over knees and shoes you can be shaken when the REAL storms come! All this mess is, is a distraction from the enemy to get us to focus on him and what he is doing in the world and y’all are playing right into it. Stop bashing others for what they believe in just because it don’t fit into your box y’all! BE THE LIGHT!

And here’s the real point….I hate to break it to you….but, Jesus loves Colin Kaepernick just as much as He loves you and me! He loves him if he’s kneeling, standing, squatting, crawling, throwing footballs, or pushing a freaking mop! Jesus loves him!!! Yeah! I said that! So who are YOU to pass judgment on him? Who are YOU to spew hate to a man who is loved by Jesus! So, are you telling me Jesus’ blood wasn’t for CK? It isn’t strong enough to reach and cleanse him too? You mean to tell me that rising from the grave was for ALL BUT those who take a knee? Come on y’all! Give me a break! Would I do it? No. I choose to stand. But that’s MY belief and Jesus don’t love me any more or any less because of it! And guess what!? Same goes for CK! Same goes for EVERY Nike owner, purchaser, supporter, and employee! Same goes for the ones who are terrorists and heroes! ALL is ALL! And my bible says Jesus paid it all for ALL!

So, today, stop talking about what the enemy is doing and start praying and praising God for what He is gonna do THRU it all! We give TOO MUCH attention and time to the devil. We need to give more time to giving HIM praise and LOVING the unlovable (in our own eyes….because as I’ve stated before. ALL are loved in HIS eyes)

Today, I suggest you take a knee to pray against the works of the enemy and stand for what God says to stand for!

I will jump off my soapbox now!

I love you ALL and so does Jesus!

Thank you for your time and support!

May the God of mercy and grace shine upon you and bless you in the name of Jesus!


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