Shreveport Fight For Life Prayer Team Update For 9/14/2018

This is this week’s update from our Shreveport fight for life prayer team:

We are in Shreveport to pray this morning. Please pray for us and for everyone here. He put his promise in the sky this morning.

Please pray for J and for R. We talked to them separately, each is about 4 weeks pregnant, undecided but sufficiently abortion minded to want to have their ultrasound done here so they can talk about “options “.

J recently finished school and wants to get established in a new job and have children later.

R has 2 children, the younger is just turning one year old. She is not ready for a baby.

We had nice talks with each of them. They accepted prayer and pamphlets and we encouraged them to contact PRCS near them.

J in east Texas, R about an hour east of Shreveport.

They both thanked us and R gave us a hug. Hopeful.

Only about 12 here today. To put that number in context for you, I have been praying over here for 3 years, mostly on Fridays. They always used to have 18-20 sometimes 25 on Friday, so recent numbers are down significantly. Checked their website yesterday and it confirmed my suspicion that they have shortened their appointment hours. Friday used to be 9-11, now it’s 9-1030. That represents about 8 appointments at full speed that they admit they don’t have a demand for. So God is moving.

Praying that those who did show up today to make appointments for abortions will not return, but will find real hope. Thanks for praying with us.

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