Is Jesus your iPhone!?

You know how it goes. We’ve all been there right? The count down to the release of the latest phone! You wait for all the reviews and study every detail. You watch every new release video so you can be the first to know about all the new functions of this year’s model. Will it have, facial recognition? Bio scanners? And the camera! Oh the camera! We can’t wait to see how many new things the camera cando! Does it have built in filters and location? Are there corrective lenses in the camera app? The excitement is unbearable and even overwhelming!!!

Then, the moment comes! It’s release day! The lines are so long, and some even camp over night to have a spot that will guarantee you get 1st pick of all the latest models and color choices.

Then, that moment comes when you finally get it. You are so excited you can’t put it downand every time you turn around you learn about a new ‘HIDDEN’ thing themanufactures put into it to keep you hooked. The next few weeks to months are filled with posts on social media about each new little thing you learn withclever hashtags like #newphoneobsession and #iPhoneeastereggs. You look for reasons to tell everyone you run into about it. And you are always eager topull it out and show it off.

So, here comes the real questions…When was the last time you got lost in the “hidden things” of The Lord? Or even better when was the last time you searched YOURSELF for “hidden” things  that your Creator put into you? When was the last time you were that excited to share what God has done in your life? Is your social media filled with all the ways He’s awesome? Have you ever tried to get/have a custom, one of a kind, or even “top of the line,” relationship with Jesus? When was the last time you pulled out your Bible to show the new revelation you got from that verse you’ve read 800 times before, but this 801st time, it really punched you in the gut? How many times have we stood outside the church house, overnight, in freezing conditions, waiting for it to open, because we wanted to MAKE SURE we got a seat before they were gone?  Can you tell me the last time you LOOKED for reasons to “show off” the newest things The Lord has done for you? To be honest, I can’t answer most of these questions with pride. And I feel as if I have a fairly good walk with The Lord.

But if the church is supposed to be the hands and feet, and the example of Christ, what does the above say about Him? Ouch….that hit me pretty deep too…..I, for one,  pray that I am able to look at future situations that come up and be able to find ways to treat Jesus like my iPhone….well, in my case, my Galaxy, but, you get the idea….I also pray that this helps others also see misaligned priorities and turn them around as well.

Thank you for reading!

Good night andGod bless!

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