Periods are for WOMEN! Stop the division!!!

*****DISCLAIMER….may be a trigger warning, the pics are kinda graphic, and I am FED UP****

All warnings aside……

Lord help me!

I have an opinion on this pads and tampons thing y’all!
If you have ANY problems with what I am about to post DO NOT comment! Just kindly unfollow/unfriend me because things are about to get REAL!

Ok. Here it goes!!!

There is NO SUCH THING as “period equality!”
This is TRASH y’all! I’m sorry! I am SUPER sick of how insanely far this has gotten! No matter what surgery you have if you don’t have a uterus you CANNOT have a period, become pregnant, or breastfeed!! That’s just scientific FACT! Nothing to argue about. Nothing to change.

If being a “boy on your period” is so tough DON’T BE A BOY WITH A UTERUS!!!!!!

Being a woman is HARD! Periods SUCK! Pregnancy is long, hard and exhausting! Women already don’t get enough credit for what we go through as it is! DO NOT try to take THIS from them too!!!

I am all for equal rights! But I am gonna say this!!!

Men and women ARE NOT EQUAL! Plain and simple! There’s A LOT a man can do I can’t. And I am.ok.worh that. There’s a lot I can do a MAN can’t (even after his surgery to LOOK like a woman)! This NEEDS to stop!
God created woman from the SIDE of man but DID NOT make us THE SAME!!! We are SO vastly different it’s insane!!!

Oh, you were born a woman and wanna be a man now? FABULOUS! Oh, but you don’t want to buy female hygiene products because that’s unfair and offensive? Ok. Fine. It’s simple. Have a hysterectomy! No more periods. Whatever! But DO NOT ask ME to change or conform for YOUR confusion! Looking like a man DOES NOT make you a man!!!

All this is is drama! It is NOT bringing ANYONE closer together nor is it closing gaps. Honestly, all it is is a trick from the devil to bring even more division and hate to an already sensitive subject. And a ploy from political parties to distract us from REAL issues (like the MILLIONS of babies being killed daily, or our children being “medically kidnapped” or taken by CPS and placed into human trafficking rings). Yes those things ARE happening DAILY y’all! THOSE are PROBLEMS! You crying about a symbol on a pad because YOU CHOOSE to be something you’re not IS NOT A PROBLEM! It’s an opinion!!

Jesus loved everybody. He sat at the table with sinners. But never once did he compromise himself or support the wrong that they were doing. We shouldn’t be forced to do so either.

Do I have an ‘issue” with the LGBTQ community? Honey, please! I grew up in SoCal and hung out in Hillcrest! I have stood on the sidelines for friends who were in parades. My 2 best friends in high school were gay men! I sure don’t have a “problem” with them! I DO have a problem with THIS BS tho! I can handle it, no problem. After all love covers a multitude of sins. But I REFUSE to be FORCED to support it. And even more so REFUSE to have MY rights and identity as a woman (who was created in PERFECT fashion by THE Creator of the universe btw) made into less than what it is so these LIES can continue to divide this country! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Side note….until this came up….I legit didn’t even know they had a female symbol on our stuff! I just buy them and go on about my business. As should the rest of the world!

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