Kanye bashing…God IS using the foolish….make NO mistake of THAT!!!

Well, I guess it’s time to talk about all the hate and bashing of Kanye West coming from the “Christians” of the world…….I have SO much to say about it all. But, let me start with this….Y’all just stop the judgement!

I have heard, “He doesn’t need to be making a church or on the platform spreading the gospel trying to be a preacher.”

Well, he’s not making a church or being preacher. Although he’s visited a few churches resently. And many Christian artists DO preform at churches giving testimony while they sing. He is just sharing his heart! Do none of y’all remember being over the top excited when you found Jesus!? Going out and telling EVERYONE!? I do!

I have heard, “He can’t preach the gospel, his house isn’t even in order!”

Well, 1st off I am pretty sure the bible says we should ALL be spreading the gospel of truth so that disqualifies that opinion. Also, the man hasn’t had enough time to get his “house in order.” It’s only been a few weeks! And in that time he’s already come home and had his kids baptized, so seems like he’s at least TRYING to bring order to his home.

I’ve heard, “He calls himself ‘Yeezus’!”

Ok, I will give you that! Yes, he CALLED himself a name that mocked our savior at one point….but Paul wasn’t the name of a Christian killer who had an experience that changed his name and his life. It was Saul! And Abraham was Abram. Sarah was Sarai. Joseph was Barnabas. Esther was Hadassah. Thomas was Didymus. And I am sure there are MANY more because when God makes something new He often renames them! I went by Ginny all my life until a couple years ago when Holy Spirit got hold of me and told me to go back to my birth name, Virginia. A name change is just another way to tell the world something is different about you now!

I have heard, “He CAN’T be Christian now, look who he’s married to. And we ALL know about what SHE is.”

Yes, he’s married to Kim Kardashian, so what do you want from him? Is he to divorce her now because he found God? How biblical is THAT!? Wouldn’t it be better for him to continue to just live as a follower of Christ and lead his family to The Lord through his new found faith!?

I’ve heard, “Look at the life he was living and now he loves Jesus over night? That can’t be real!”

I guess Jesus isn’t in the miracle business anymore then huh? He’s not able to cause a radical change in a man on the road to Damascus anymore? I guess that must mean NONE of y’all have a past either, right? Man, I won’t even list my MANY sins I have been guilty in the past of for y’all to pick apart if THAT’S the case…but I promise I know God today! I’ve been walking with God for years now and I promise I STILL have people who knew the old me that believe the way I live is all for show or that I’ve not changed at all. But MY GOD KNOWS my heart and I promise you He knows Kanye’s as well.

I’ve heard, “There will be many false prophets in the end days and we need to use discernment as they rise up! This is the beginning of those days!”

I mean, you got me there y’all for real! There WILL indeed be false prophets! And the enemy is slick as oil. So we DO need to fine tune our discernment in these days were going into. But we can’t start bashing everything that looks crazy, foolish, or off to us. The word says “he will use the foolish things to confound the wise” somehow are WE to say this is not of God? So, am I saying he’s not false? Nope. Am I saying he is false? Nope. That’s NOT for us to decide! But let me tell you, go do some research and see how many have come to Christ already over this man’s testimony! The church is just mad because a worldly rapper came from the flesh and to Christ and is now doing what we’ve been failing to do for years! Win the lost. And let’s also not forget that good, bad, or indifferent…..this man (who is still a child of God and should be treated as such) has the WHOLE WORLD talking about Jesus right now! So you can call it discernment all day. But discernment wasn’t given to us to tear possible new believers down and send them back to hell, it was given to us to keep guard over our own temples and homes and to pray for those who may still be blinded.

And, finally, I just wanna add, even if it IS all “fake,” if you HONESTLY believe that God can’t take what Mr West is doing and not only use it to bring glory to His name and turn Kanye’s heart to Him for real through it all, well then, y’all don’t serve the same God I serve!

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