The Power of Following Instruction!

Ok so, to most this will probably be a super silly post. To some not so much. And to even less it will sound RIDICULOUS….but I HAVE to share because it is a testimony to The Lord and how HIS word will NOT return void!

2 weeks ago I lost my watch my husband got me.for.our anniversary last year. I have been devastated to say the least over it! NOT because of the watch itself (material possessions are becoming less and less important to me these days) but I hadn’t realized the sentiment behind it until it was gone. See, as most of y’all know. My husband and I had been going through some VERY rough waters in our home and especially in our marriage this past year. We’d begun to grow apart without realizing it and by the time we DID see it…..there was a fairly massive gap in many areas of our marriage. (Things HAVE slowly gotten better….but that’s not where this story is going….lol). I bring all that up to give more understanding on WHY this watch was SO important to me…..I hadn’t realized that in my heart it wasn’t just a watch….as a matter of fact there were many times it died (it’s a “smartwatch”) and I wasn’t near my charger or I’d forgotten it had died and it still stayed on my wrist for a day or even 2 because I never wanted to misplace it. Every time I looked at it my heart remembered a better time when we were not going through such a major rough patch….but I hadn’t realized that till it was gone. I didn’t know it until I was in tears day after day begging Holy Spirit to SHOW me where it had gone, but it represented the heart and thoughtfulness of my dear husband to me.
Well, yesterday at my shower Ms Audrey was there and we were talking and praying together (her, JD, and myself) and the subject of calling forth the things you wamt/need came up. I shared with her my heartache over this watch and that EVERYDAY I had been been in prayer asking Holy Spirit to lead me.tonthe watch. She said “change your prayer!” At first I was thrown off. I’d always thought that was what you do….ask Holy Spirit to lead you to things and it’s ALWAYS worked for me in the past. Seriously, any time I would misplace something I’d ask Holy Spirit to lead me to it and He ALWAYS did. But this time He was so quiet and I was getting down over it. I even began listening to the lies of the enemy that said He wasn’t listening to me or that He’d left me because of whatever lie he had for me each time. It was always different….you’re anointing has left, you don’t spend enough time doing XYZ, and you fell to far back this past year to have the power to get Him to here you anymore…he had ALL the lies….and I was eating them up….I mean it made sense to my flesh….they all seemed pretty legit. So, I had really started falling back into thinking I was unworthy to keep presssing into my call and that I REALLY COULD fall too far for Him to reach (or hear my cries)…..
Well, Ms Audrey told me to use the word! She said Psalms 91 said I could dispatch the angels to get my watch and bring it back to me! And told me to do just that. She said there were angels right there WAITING for instruction from ME! I’d heard this preached in my church and other places multiple times before and never really thought twice about it. But here it was being told directly to me.
Now, I can’t lie…..I thought 1st “if Holy Spirit’s not hearing me what makes me think the angels will!? But it was an instruction and I KNEW it was (if there’s nothing else I’ve learned from my Apostle Dayna it’s that I am to ALWAYS follow even the tiniest of instructions or I will NOT be trusted with the larger ones my heart desires to have) so I stood there and I told the angels to go get my watch…..but I was skeptical and feeling like I was NOT gonna be heard. Then I went home and read ALL of Psalms 91 and the Spirit fell and I actually began to seriously declare and dispatch the angels AND while I was at it (since it talked about terrors by night) I also spoke to the nightmares I have been getting attacked with this past week.
Well, I went to bed…slept okish and had NO nightmares. Went to church this morning had a GREAT time in worship and the word was RIGHT on time. Got some prayer, left the church, made a couple stops, and went home. I told Ri to get her room cleaned up and was just doing home stuff. I went in to check her room and saw it!! MY WATCH! It was on her nightstand!! I began to scream and cry and rejoice over it! She said it was under her pillow!!! Now, I’d tore the bed apart looking for this thing more.than once. It was NOT there before….but there it was today…..under her pillow!
It DEFINITELY built my faith and broke off MANY lies I was believing! Hallelujah!
So, I am just here to share that! 1) FOLLOW INSTITUTION!!!! And 2) STOP BELIEVING THE LIES!!!
To most it’s just a watch but to me it just became a testimony of what The Lord is really doing in me! And just how powerful following instruction (even when you feel inadequate or dumb in doing so) truly is. It became a testament to what God is doing in my home and my marriage and how HE IS bringing things back!!! He IS restoring the “lost time” for us! And He IS listening to me!!! Hallelujah!

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