Will we conform our traditions so our new child won’t feel left out each year!? NOPE!

We stopped the tradition of the Christmas tree about 3 years ago…..some times I DO miss it yes….but this year I’ve been asked by several people if “now that I will have a young child in the home again will I bring the tradition back?”
I have honestly given it thought. What WILL we do for our family now that it will be more than just 2 adults and sometimes a teen? Well, I looked back at my studies from 3 years ago and refreshed my mind on WHY I had stopped in the first place. And so as I sit here and ponder this question again my answer is easy and simple “NO!” No I will not compromise my convictions because I want to conform to o what the world thinks this time of year should look like for my new child. The new life has NOTHING to do with what GOD said to me 3 years ago! As a matter of fact she is even MORE reason to hold firm in those convictions! This is the best way I know how to teach her not to waver and be tossed to and fro by the world around her. To stand firm in what GOD tells her and NOT what friends, family, or society says!
Will we have “holiday traditions” here now that we didn’t have before!? I am sure of it! Will they be what the world says they need to be to “fit” the season!? NOPE!
They will be new and customized traditions that fit OUR home and OUR family based on what The Lord shows us.
All my life yesterday was tree putting up day. My grandmother, mom, and aunt all put the tree up and begun the holiday movies, music, and festivities the day after Thanksgiving…..did I kinda miss it yesterday while I had my 13 y/o here with me? A little….but not enough to teach her what the rest of the world is already teaching her…..COMPROMISE! She needs me to be the example of CHRIST in her life (to be the SAME today, tomorrow, and yesterday…..or even last year) NOT the example of Christmas! I HAVE changed over the years and she’s seen it….this IS true…..but the changes I have made in life have been for the BETTERMENT of myself and my household NOT for the flip flopping of the world. And as I change things in my life for my own personal growth I do my best to hold fast to those changes. Do I sometimes slip back into old patterns…..absolutely….I AM still human. But to INTENTIONALLY go backwards would be foolish. The word of GOD say do not conform to this world. So, will I be busting out a tree this year (or next) no, no I will not! Will the elf come back? No, no he WON’T (never again will we live with THAT nightmare lol). BUT what I WILL be doing is spending time with GOD and finding out what HE’D have us do to fill the desire to have fun traditions this time of year brings out. I WILL be teaching CHRIST in my home and what HIS word says about the worldly things that my kids may come home and feel like they are missing out on. I have seen SO MANY things this year that replace the old Christmas traditions and replace them with new FAMILY CHRIST traditions.
And before I hear about the popular opinion among believers…NO, it’s NOT the celebration of His birth no matter how much you want it to be….that is what the church has fed us for hundreds of years to justify conformation. We are to celebrate His birth, life, and death EVERYDAY anyway. No one knows for sure when He was born BUT we DO know by context that baby lambs and such were NOT born in winter along with the clear crisp skies and Him being born OUTSIDE and not freezing to death and no snow or signs of frigid temperatures…..so I will let you do your own research on that part.
I AM sharing tho the scriptures that reminded me about the decorating decisions we made in our home and what started me on my studies of Christmas and all it holds.
This year we will be HAVING A BABY at Christmas time so there will probably NOT be much in the way of celebrating as far as holidays go…..we will be celebrating the miracles of God and new life in our home this year. And that gives us a whole year to find and begin NEW traditions that correspond and line up with the word of God for our home and our family.
I am truly so excited to see where that will lead us and what new ways we will have to bond and strengthen our family unit over the years. I can’t wait to see what new traditions God shows us that our kids can pass down to their kids.
The Bible DOES have a timeline and DOES have traditions w/in it! The Hebrew calendar is where our roots are located! There ARE things The Lord WANTS us to enjoy and celebrate…and I am so excited to see those things continue to be opened to me and my family!


Here are a few of the verses I was drawn to in my search!

Thank you for reading! Be blessed!


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