The Pressing is a Necessary Step in the Process!

As I sit here and pin these masks while watching Prince Caspian with my awesome family The Lord started speaking to me so loudly.
You see, before we sat down to watch the movie, I started to press the fabric to make the pinning easier. But, I didn’t want to make my husband wait the 15 mins or so it takes to press them so I just sat down with them as is. He said to me, “but doesn’t pressing them make it easier?” I said back, “well, yes, but I don’t think it will make it just so much easier that we need to wait on the pressing. It will be fine.”

We sat, started the movie and I began to pin. Some were easy some much more difficult, as I have various different types of fabrics I have used. As I was in pinning and re pinning one for the THIRD time (it was really giving me trouble) I heard it…..”Had you taken the time to press it… wouldn’t be repinning over and over and you’d have accomplished MUCH more by now…” SHEW!!
The pressing is tedious, time consuming, hot, and often seems unnecessary…..HOWEVER,  when we just relent to it and let it flatten us, we become INCREASINGLY easier to work with and are able to accomplish SOOOO much more.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a word on it’s own, He began to show me that this “quarantine” period is our current pressing. Sure it mat seem as tho it’s an unnecessary step to take. And, yes, we may very well be able to go forth without it. But at what cost? How much time will it rob us of? How much frustration will it bring us? How many times will we have to “redo” this, if we don’t just take the time to get pressed first?

So, now that our movie is over, I shall head to my press, and finish this stack the proper way.
And I urge you to do the same! If you are struggling with the lack of contact and touch as I am keep your eyes focused on the other side of the pressing. Like they they say to do when you are trying to prevent motion sickness… will keep that emotional sickness at bay if you focus on the horizon!

I am praying for all of you to have the strength and wisdom to endure the pressing as I type this! Blessings to all! May God bless each one of you!

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