We Are Doing A Thing

I have never done anything like this here on the blog before so please bear with me….but I know what I heard for this year for my family!

So, this year we have ALL been through our own personal hells in some way or another…..and I usually ask to support a great non-profit for my birthday and while I really wanted to again this year…..my heart TRULY wants something MUCH bigger (for us at least)….it is a VERY DEEP AND PERSONAL thing that we need and it will be costly. Approx $3,000 or more to be exact 😭 But getting this one thing done will unlock the future for my family in ways I can’t even begin to explain…this is the next step we need to take to fulfill the call God has for our lives as a family AND as individuals….so this year I am asking that ANYONE AND EVERYONE that wants to do ANYTHING for me this year……donate to THIS cause.

I asked The Lord a few months back to provide for this need and was super specific. I am not usually one to “lay out a fleece” BUT in THIS particular situation I HAVE to know that I know that The Lord saays “ok baby girl it’s time to start this now” so, I said “Lord we NEED the money to start this process and we NEED to know when it gets here that is EXACTLY what it is for….I don’t want this to be my flesh…..I only want to move on it when YOU say it’s time” then I came across this while I was wishing a friend a happy birthday that said “your birthday is coming up…..wanna raise funds” and like a smack in the face I said “ok Lord…..if this is it let it be!”
So our need is not an easy one and it’s actually the BEGINNING of a LONG HARD road but it’s the LAST ROAD we will EVER have to take for this particular obstacle once we start it…..BUT GOD!

So, thank you for hearing my heart and thank you for ANY AND ALL help (ESPECIALLY the prayers and shares…..because we’ll definitely need them once it begins) and thank you to EVERYONE who has been here fighting this battle with us along over the years…..it’s not too far from over y’all!

We are making progress! But we need help sharing and praying! I know this is the next step towards God’s plan for our family and we cannot do it without His favor and provision!  So we humbly ask you to help by sharing and praying for this with us! If you feel lead to help great! But more than anything we want His perfect will and timing so sharing and praying are the greatest way to sow into it! Papa God will send the provision as He sees fit! Hallelujah! Amen!

PierceFamilyNextStep 👈🏻 click the link to share, comment, and/or donate! 😍

Thank you all! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021!

– Virginia Pierce – Beautifully Wrecked

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