Fall In Love With HIM!!

I woke up this morning with a single bird singing his little heart out (what felt like) just for me. I have been waking up everyday with The Lord downloading some great stuff & getting it out before the enemy comes in & tries to steal had been a great task. But I heard this little bird & I quietly (didn’t want to wake my sleeping husband) said “Good morning bird! I love your song!” Then I thanked The Lord for allowing me to wake up to such a beautiful sound! I started to think about how the birds wake up singing everyday. How their song is their worship to The One who gave them another day to sing! I was just in awe.

As I was laying there enjoying the beautiful song The Lord began my morning download & It was SO GOOD. I started to get up, & as I was putting on my slippers & robe it just kept coming. Then I began to see some things. I went to write it down (the thought of going live before I’d even washed my face, lit the heater, & started coffe was not even slightly appealing…..but He’d shown it to me in a way I’d never even knew about before) anyway, I lost most of it (temporarily because once He gives it it’s ours & He won’t take it….He’s just gotta bring it back to me) before I could get it out BUT He showed me several new things that are on this phone I am still trying to figure out that is going to give me MUCH victory in the area of going live & getting the downloads out as they enter my mind. He has shown me in the past WHAT Beautifully Wrecked will look like one day and His will for it…..but this morning He began to show me the HOW!

Then I come across this verse that I have either never read before or had read in another translation and didn’t appreciate it the same.

Psalm 40:3 TPT

So, for you I am praying for your peace & steadiness during this difficult & confusing time & I remind you that God is NOT the other of chaos or confusion so if you are confused about the chaos I suggest you turn off the “niose,” seek Him, & ask HIM what He says about it.

Happy Sunday! 😊

Virginia Pierce – Beautifully Wrecked

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