We Started A Podcast Y’all!!!

We have started another new thing here at Beautifully Wrecked! We have launched an official podcast y’all!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! I can’t EVEN y’all!! It is on a new live, interactive, audio platform called Stereo. The replay will be available on Stereo immediately after the LIVE show has ended and will be on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, Castbox, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic within 24-48 hrs after the live has ended! And, of course, you will be able to find each episode HERE on our site within 24-48 hrs after each show has ended*. We have already been doing this for a few weeks now while testing out the concept and new platform and all I can say is OH MAN it has been a blast!! We are beyond excited about this and we will be slowly adding each show here over the next few weeks.

*We already have well over 20 shows done and uploaded onto our podcast sites and will be adding them here over the next week. As soon as we catch up on uploading those the 24-48 hrs upload time will go into effect.

Each interactive show will have a featured guest and if you catch it live you can chime into the conversation, ask questions, tell jokes, or whatever it is we are discussing or doing during each chat. We also have a regularly scheduled show with the beautiful and very anointed HighlyFavored31 called “The Beautifully Favored Show” that will air Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 11am CST. We have added a calendar under it’s own tab that will have all our shows listed as we schedule them. So, if you want to join us live so you can interact with us or for if you just want to join us live to share and support us our full schedule will be available there!

This is just the beginning y’all!!!! We have so much more in the works! The Lord has been busy, busy, busy here at the Beautifully Wrecked Headquarters!! So, stay on the look out for more new content and segments!! We thank you all so much for your great faithfulness and grace you have had with us as we allow Holy Spirit to transform and restructure us here! Without you we would have no reason to be doing any of this!

Also, don’t forget, we are 100% follower supported so, if you are enjoying what we are doing here, please consider donating or subscribing. And as always, pray, pray, pray and continue to share and invite your friends and family to enjoy along with you! Thank you ALL SO MUCH for praying, reading, listening, sharing, and supporting!

Abundant Blessings to you all!

Virginia Pierce – Beautifully Wrecked

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