Daily Encouragement

So, today is a little lengthy. But it is so worth it! I have no picture or pretty words today…. I was hit this morning with a very harsh reality. So my encouragement today is a different type of encouragement.

I had a moment I realized that someone I used to know is doing things I had taught them when I was in the world!!!

Y’all, this is what real humility and intercession looks and feels like.

I will never be the same after this moment.

I just learned a whole new level of prayer I never know could exist and it’s painfully beautiful!!! The Lord never turns away a contrite heart. I can honestly I’ve never be more repentant of anything in my life.

I would challenge you today that if you truly wanna grow ask The Lord to reevaluate to you someone from your past who is operating in something they learned from you and watch him 1st break your heart then move mountings when you come to the throne on their behalf in a whole new way!!

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