Relationships Are Like Gardens

So, I saw this and it hit me harder than I thought it would.  The truth behind it for me was heavy.  But, hear me out on this because I began to unpack it, as I often do.  It is not so much I don’t want to be close anymore, but more than my soul focuses on the season it is in, and the level of closeness with each person in your life changes along with it.  For example, I have 3 best friends and I am super close with all of them.  But, it’s depending on the season as to what one I talk to or spend time with most.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Doesn’t make the ones that I am not pouring into less of a friend.

See, if we look at our friends like a garden we take each relationship and make it a different plant.  Some plants need to be watered daily, others weekly. Some put out fruit all season.  Some put out fruit once and are done till next season. Time and attention are like water and fertilizer. When you have taken good care of your plants once they are established they are more and more able to sustain themselves when the season of minimal care time is upon them.

And then there is the pruning, God doesn’t always prune people out, sometimes He just does a separation for a while as He prunes you separately. Sometimes you prune each other as iron sharpens iron. And sometimes you don’t understand it. But, if your relationship is rooted in Christ then it will sustain even the driest of seasons.

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