Your Fruits Are NOT Your Roots

So often we hear about the “fruit” of a thing and we automatically think of goodness and Godliness. But, can I challenge you today to take a deeper look at this word. By itself, it has no positive or negative. It’s just a word that means “the reproductive body of a seed.” When the seed is good we see the fruit of The Spirit bloom. When the seed is not good we see things like bitterness, addiction, pain, health issues, etc. We usually see these things and call them roots. We deal with them and then wonder WHY we’re STILL cycling in this mess. But just like in your garden, when you cut down the plant, or just rip off the fruit. You leave behind the roots and it just grows back. Usually bigger and badder than before. In order to rid your garden of intrusive “bad” fruit, you MUST pluck it out by the ROOT! Don’t speak to your addiction, speak to the REASON you’re using addiction to hide. Don’t speak to that emotion, speak to that thing that caused the emotion in the first place! We have been grossly deceived in this area because the enemy DOES NOT want our freedom and power to be reached. He wants to keep us distracted and lost in our fruit and he wants to continue to mask the actual roots!
Today a challenge you to get before God and ask Him to reveal the roots! And when He does get you some spiritual Round-Up and blast them things out of your garden!!

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