Jesus Never Had It Easy!

Man! So, every time I read about Adam and Eve I always think “Can you just imagine living like that? One with The Lord? Is His very breath? Knowing His every move, hearing every heartbeat, having His thoughts and emotions!?” It sometimes overwhelms me with sadness and sometimes even anger thinking of what we “could have had.” Like seriously guys YOU HAD ONE FREAKING JOB!!! 🙄

Well, this morning The Lord showed me how Jesus came to fix all that and Holy Spirit came to be all those things we think we’re “missing.” As I cried out “But Lord, they had it SO EASY and it’s just not that simple for US!” He so sweetly reminded me of the service yesterday. The words given. The worship ministered. The tangible presence. How it came in without “work” and “struggle.” How the angels are there thinking the same thing as us. Y’ALL HAVE ONE JOB! 🙄 WE CAN’T GO UNTIL YOU ENTER IN AND SEND US. He reminded me that while we think “what must it have been like to be the Apostles that walked with Jesus?” One day we’ll get to heaven and they will be asking US “what was it like to have Holy Spirit IN YOU? To operate in greater things than Jesus Himself!?” We will be the ones envied in Heaven! We are the ones in the best time ever. And it IS that easy!! It’s as simple as entering in and allowing HIM to do what only He can do and move you to higher levels as you fully submit to all He wants to do in you. Stop being upset that it’s not “easy!” Do you honestly think ANYTHING Jesus did was “easy?” The man sweated BLOOD for heaven’s sake!! Literary. And we get thrown off when we feel the slightest shaking in our spirit. Jesus, the only perfect person to ever live, STRUGGLED…to the point of death. He even asked His Father if You could take this cup…… Not one of us will ever know that type of struggle and that’s amazingly freeing for me this morning. I hope it helps someone else that may be struggling in the same areas as I was. Hallelujah, we GET to be the Kingdom on earth! That is something to get excited about today!!!

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