Testimony Tuesdays – Anthony Lozano

Q: My first recollection of Church was…

A: Honestly boring, I remember standing then sitting then singing old songs but nothing held my attention.

Q: The closest I have felt to God in my life was…

A: One of the times I felt closest to God was when I felt I was in a place where I had no hope, no answers. That quickly became “ no choice” but to ask God to show himself to me. When I gave up myself he drew me in closer. 

Q: The time I have felt the greatest doubt or distance from God was…

A: Every time I start thinking I know what’s best for me he lets me go out on my own and I find myself walking alone. Not that he has left the path I walked but I left his path we walked together.

Q: If I could thank God for just one incident in my life it would be…. And why?

A: It’s so hard to pick one thing but I thank him for all the place he has taken me in my life.  Whether I thought good or bad God had a plan for me. I thank him for his perfect plan.

Q: If I could thank God for just one person in my faith journey it would be…. And why?

A: My mother, God blessed me with a mother who never gave up on God put constantly placed me in his hands. She had such faith that God was going to do what she couldn’t with me. Lol Thank you Mom!

Q: If I could name a turning point in my life for my relationship with God it would be….and why?

A: A strong turning point is when I was blessed to go on a trip to a thing called Quest, Fellowship of the Sword. A true 1 on 1 with Daddy God in the wilderness, you can’t find a better way to get closer to God.

Q: If i had to tell someone why i am a Christian i would have to say…

A: I see it as simple as this, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of Man, the Messiah, our Savior. He sought you and I with a high price because of his love for you and I.  It is a choice i have made to give my life over to him and through him i have seen great works and every one of the works increases my faith. Faith that what he is to me, is real.

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