Motivational Mondays

Ugh Mondays right!?

I started this segment to help get me out of the Monday funk and start my week off on a positive note.

If I can find something to say that motivates y’all, maybe it will also motivate me! Well, that was 3 weeks ago and let’s be honest I have made a single Monday post yet. I let the heaviness that seems to be slowly creeping back I to my mind take over and just give up.

I don’t WANT to but I can’t seem to want NOT to bad enough to win the battle. It’s a struggle for sure. But today I have been making myself do the things today. Even at 10-15 minute intervals (sometimes only 5). Just slowly making tiny bits of progress.

Is it disappointing? Yes. But at the end of the day I look at those minutes and add them up and see I was productive for hrs today! It felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything all day. I felt defeated and just down all day. But when I look at the combined outcome of all my little bits of works and find that I got done more than I had even set out to do today!

God is faithful to continue to give as we continue to push. As I added up my hrs and looked at my accomplishments I began to feel some of that heaviness lift and almost started feeling normal again. I even made a plan for the rest of the week and got my 1st few paragraphs written of a book The Lord put on my heart when I was 12 that I’ve put off the better part of 28 years now.

There’s no better time than today to start doing what is in your heart! Even if it’s only a few mins at a time! A little progress here and there still adds up, and it honestly adds up faster than you think it will!

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