The Stages of Christianity

As I sit here watching these littles sleep (it’s nap time in the baby room) I find myself pondering how God sees us and how Christianity is like the different stages of life.

These little infants can’t talk, or walk, some can’t even crawl or eat solid foods. That’s how it is as we walk our faith walk. We start off knowing nothing. We learn about Jesus and we are saved but we have zero knowledge beyond knowing Our Father. As we grow and dig into our word and spend time fellowshiping with other believers we begin to learn how to move in Kingdom principals we begin to eat more “solids” (deeper revelations), grow more (stop doing and saying things we used to), and we begin to fully walk into our full destiny.

Sometimes on our walk we get frustrated because we’re not as far along as another or that we aren’t growing as fast. And just like these babies I see that we each have their strengths and weaknesses. One may be walking now and the others see it and try but fall because they are not quite ready. They cry and get angry. Just like us. We whine to Papa that we should be like so-and-so but in reality He made us to be who we are not to be so-and-so. Therefore you can’t compare your walk to another’s walk. There are things God will say “that’s not for you” to and we have to be ok with that because there are things that ARE for us that are NOT for others.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is just be you! You are exactly the way God needs you to be to fulfill your purpose in this earth. Don’t try to be someone else. You’ll never fit into their hole!

Many blessings!


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