I Woship Him for Who His is and His Blessings Flow From There

Today’s Worship Wednesday is a praise repot that’s literally been 30 years in the making.

It all started when I was about 8 years old or so I fell off the tail end of a pickup truck. And had injured my neck. About 4 years later I was diagnosed with pediatric scoliosis. After 2 years of chiropractic work the scoliosis was fixed and I was “better,” for a few years anyways. The pain would always return though.

Fast forward to my mid 20’s I started being so affected by it that I sought out answers and THOUGHT I’d found them. I was told it was degenerative disc disease and that nearly all my discs were either bulged or herniated…I took 2 years of steroid shots and lots of chiropractic work, acupuncture, and neurologist visits and had no real hope of getting better. I accepted this was my life now.

Fast forward again, early 30’s the pain is still there but now I am in TX and am trying to find new drs…lots of x-rays and MRIs later they could no longer find anything “wrong” with me. I gave full credit to God for my miraculous healing…but the pain stayed. Off and on over the years I’ve done what I could to manage the pain (mostly unsuccessful). I even went through a nerve decompression surgery. I once again accepted that pain was just my way of life and it was gonna me halfway manageable but never gone. 40 years old and no hope to live a “normal” pain free life.

Well, my husband has been going to a chiropractor for a while now and they had a customer appreciation week and a great deal for new patients so we decided maybe it would at best help ease some of the pain.

Well, I went and had my initial appointment last week and then went in again this morning to go over the x-rays and scans. 1st let me say the staff at Hill Chiropractic is AMAZING!! Anyway, Dr Hill came in a talked to me. Went over my results and discussed a treatment plan, not to MANAGE the issues but to RELIEVE THEM FOR GOOD!!! As I sat there sobbing he just continued to tell me all the problems I had throughout MOST (if not all) of my body steamed from the misalignment of my spine and how I was gonna (very soon) fully functional and pain free!!! I’ve never in my life had hope of being pain free. 30 years of depression and hopelessness GONE in just a few mins.

I am so thankful to my Daddy God for loving me so much that He wanted me healed and whole. He wants me happy and pain free! So I can do His works and spread the Kingdom!

The best news is, Papa is NOT a respector of persons!! What He’s doing for me He can do for you! I’ve prayed for YEARS for this and am now looking at it with so much hope and excitement!

If you need healing in your body, let me pray for you! A popular Christian song says “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy! That means what He’s done another, He can do it again!” And that is my prayer for YOU today! Please reach out if I can pray for you!

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