Freedom Friday

Freedom. It is what everyone on earth strives for. We ALL want to be free. But, what exactly IS freedom?

Well, to me, freedom isn’t being allowed to do whatever you want whenever you want like most people think it is. Freedom comes when you have the ABILITY to choose correctly. Choosing good over bad, right over wrong, and right from left is what freedom looks like close up.

Often times we choose to do something because we’re free to d so, but that thing actually puts us in bondage…not freedom. I’ll give an example, smoking, it’s not good for you, but also probably won’t send you to Hell either. You are FREE to choose if you wish to smoke or not. However, you chose to smoke and you risk addiction, that addiction holds you, prisoner, to the smoking. Now you’re in bondage, a slave to the smoking, no longer FREE to choose. Now the thing that drives you is the smoking. It begins to consume you. This is what you call freedom?

It’s the same way with every other sin out there as well. You are free to choose it, but you WILL become addicted. We are created to want more (of The Father) so whatever we put in place of Him we will become addicted to. We’ll never be satisfied and our thirst for it will never be quenched!

What we possess as believers is the ability to CHOOSE life over death! True freedom over cruel bondage.

So today I am thankful I live in the freedom Christ gave me. I may not always choose right, but I know my freedom lies withiin my choices.

Love and Blessings,


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