Motivation Mondays

The Bible tells us when we fall 7 times we get up 8. Sounds like God knew it was gonna take us many failures before finding success. He tells us several times throughout the word to press on, endure, and never give up.

Failure!  We ALL need to go through it to find success. We miss the mark way more than we nail it 1st time.

But don’t lose heart! Every time we fail we are that much closer to the right answer. Failure shows us what WON’T work. And eliminating things that don’t work is the best way to find out what WILL work.

Truthfully, there should be joy in the failures. The Lord can mold our character to be more like His through the failing process. It builds long-suffering, strength, and even wisdom.

Failure is never the enemy but staying in the failure and giving up is! We don’t fail when we get it wrong, we fail when we get it wrong and stop trying to get it right.

Today, I tell you, be encouraged in your failures for they are cultivating in you the very spirit of God within you. And that my friends is a great thing!

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