Testimony Tuesday – Colt Buchanan

1) Growing up my great grandmother played the piano in her church. And my moms mom was the youth leader at their church. 

2) The whole time during my cancer journey. I have witnessed many many miracles dealing with cancer not only in my journey but other’s journeys as well! 

3) When I was officially diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t understand and to a point still don’t understand. As to why I had to go through what I did. I was going to church, praying, work and doing ok. Then all of a sudden I found myself sick, then by the time I blink I was 16 stories up with less than 15 minutes to live at 23 years old.

4) Cancer. I know it sounds weird and does to many. But to me cancer was probably one of best things to happen to me. Even though I still have many many side effects. I’m forever grateful for my journey with a very rare case of cancer. It has let me to many many absolutely wonderful people whom I’m proud to call friends/family. 

5) I’m honestly not sure. But probably my brother even though he has moved off in the military. He took time outta his life to come and save mine and for that I’ll forever be in depth to him. I think God for having him as a younger brother. 

6) The biggest turning point in my life for my relationship with God. At almost all point during my cancer journey. One of the moments I remember being special to me was the day I was “leukemia free”. I still had mutations, but this day as well I bounced between my brothers appointments and mine. But most importantly this day I was my brother have 2 needles stuck in each arm. They were pulling his stem cell out which would eventually be giving to me and give me a second chance at life. This day was also my 24th birthday. This was a huge day for me then but it has also reminded me many times of our relationship with God. God has already laid in the bed and donated what he needs to for us to have a second chance at life. He was placed upon the cross and died for our sins. But… on the third day he rolled the stone. 

7) I honestly had no choice. When you go through all that I went through in my journey with a very very rare case of cancer. You learn to believe in something. You honestly have no choice. For a young man my age, etc to come out of what I did. From 15 minutes to live, from almost 2 weeks on the highest oxygen level any hospital in the world can place you on to now breathing completely on my own. 

You honestly have no choice. It’s a weird feeling but you know when you are that young and have your back completely in the corner. You have to believe and trust in something. 

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