Testimony Tuesday – Tami Bridwell

Q: My first recollection of being in church was…

A: My first recollection of being in church was when I was very young. As young as I can remember I have been in church.

Q: The closest I have felt to God in my life was…

A: Now. My relationship with Him has grown since I came to Him as an adult. Learning Him and His faithfulness and having my own experiences with Him, I feel Him with me and know He is constant. My greatest fear is being without Him and I don’t remember ever having that feeling in the past, which tells me of the closeness I have with Him.

Q: The time I have felt the greatest doubt or distance from God was…

A: In the moment I didn’t recognize it as doubt or distance from God but if I look at my life I would say when I was living it up only worried about myself at 19-20 years old.. my life was full of sin and disobedience with no conviction. I was distant from God at that time not seeking or relying on Him at all.

Q: If I could thank God for just one incident in my life it would be ______ and why?

A: Me getting “accidentally” pregnant.. He knew what I needed. I had no intention of having children or even being with my now husband and baby daddy. I can’t imagine where my life would be if I hadn’t been forced to settle down and calm down. I recently had that thought, I’m not one to really think on the “what ifs” but I actually thought of what my life would be like had I not had Livia when I did. I was wild and ok with it and who knows what could have come of that. Only God knows. Thank God for keeping me from the dangers of selfishness.

Q: If I could thank God for just one person in my faith journey it would be _______ and why?

A: If I could thank only one person in my faith journey it would be Vanessa Douglass. We met in church actually, about 9 years ago now. She has always been one to give Godly advice, pray for me, support me and love me. She is genuine, speaks truth and is loyal and that’s what is needed in a friend as you journey in your faith.

Q: If I could name a turning point in my life for my relationship with God it would be ________ and why?

A: A turning point in my life for my relationship with God was when I began praying in tongues.. I learned of this in the church when I was 17yo but never experienced it myself, didn’t really care to at that time. When I came back to the Lord at age 22 or so and began seeking a relationship with the Lord and cared about being obedient (the church I attended was spirit filled) I decided to seek it out myself. I found an article online and read through it.. the scriptures were there and a little “how to” for how it goes and what it feels like and the purpose.. so I began on my back porch by myself and have never stopped. At that point power began to flow through me… I remember I was able to spend hours a day for a long period of time in worship and prayer and I would have this shaky burning feeling in all of my body and I would get words for people and know how to pray for them. Power was released in me to move in the things of God. It was amazing then and it is still amazing now how he continues to move and operate the way He does. Another equally important turning point was when I began tithing. That step of obedience change everything for me. I have seen nothing but increase ever since that day! (We were poor during that time so giving even $30 was a big deal)

Q: If I had to tell someone why I am a Christian I would have to say

A: I am a Christian because I love God. He loves me and I am choosing to receive Him so I can live in Him. I have seen life without God through others, experienced time being distance from Him living for my self and I have experienced being with Him and living for Him and I truly believe it would be death to not have Christ. He has proven His faithfulness to me over and over, I have no other choice but to be with Him. Living without Him is not an option. To be a Christian is my greatest privilege… all other privileges flow from this. His goodness is unmatchable and His faithfulness to me and my life is not questionable. He saved me over and over starting from birth. A childhood of sexual abuse, failed relationships, my wild season, growing up in poverty… he protected me from worse and restored ALL of that! Restored the relationship with my father (abuser) and restored HIM! That failed relationship, he gave it back and added the best kid in the world to it and I believe even more restoration is coming in that area. I am only wild for the LORD now, wild in my praise and prayer! I have BROKE from that poverty lifestyle as a successful entrepreneur, I manage a successful business, I assist my husband in his own business, we have built a home and now I help others manage their money! His faithfulness will never fail when we walk in obedience! Oh and I get to be super joyful, happy and worry free bc of the peace we get to access by trusting in Him… YES PLEASE!

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