Testimony Tuesdays – Manuel Morales

Q: My first recollection of being in church was…

A: Funerals as a child. I did not care to be there.

Q: The closest I have felt to God in my life was…

A: After taking the sonship course and finally knowing He was always with me

Q: The time I have felt the greatest doubt or distance from God was…

A: my greatest separation from God was before I knew He was always with me. I didn’t know He never left me.

Q: If I could thank God for just one incident in my life it would be ______ and why?

A: I don’t think there was one incident that I would thank God for. There are so many that I can’t count them.

Q: If I could thank God for just one person in my faith journey it would be _______ and why?

A: I don’t know that there is just one person I could thank God for in my journey. I think my road has been rocky and I have strayed and come back. So I couldn’t just name one person

Q: If I could name a turning point in my life for my relationship with God it would be ________ and why?

A: The one point in my life was that once I knew God was with me all the time I could just be in his peace when I asked Him for it. This life gets too busy and we get caught up in worldly things and it’s too much sometimes and we have to remember that God is always there and He always loves us as long as we let him. We have to make that step towards Him…

Q: If I had to tell someone why I am a Christian I would have to say

A: Because I’m blessed to know Him

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