I Quit Doing My Homework Because ‘Catching Up” Was Too Overwhelming

As most who keep up with me know I am in my 2nd trimester of my 1st year (technically 2nd year, but 1st year with this school) of ministry school where I am growing in a new way to be a better leader in my ministry.

Well, last month, at the beginning of this trimester I became deathly ill. Like, I can honestly say I truly had an encounter with death and God in my bathroom where I told death it wasn’t my time and he couldn’t have me and told God “if You’re gonna take me do it now, and if not then You need to take this mess from me, heal me, and allow me to advance and move past it!” I wasn’t taken out so I cleaned myself up and drug myself to bed knowing I was about to get better because Papa hadn’t taken me home….so I MUST have more to do here. A few days later, I got well and headed back to life as normal.

Well, because of that sickness…I had missed 2 weeks of class and also 2 weeks of homework. There is a lot of homework this trimester compared to the last trimester and it’s MUCH deeper…..so it takes longer to do it. So, I had quite a bit catching up to do. 3 chapters behind in one class and 6 in another 🥴

As I sat there with my overwhelming mountin of 3 weeks worth of homework I began to cry. I just didn’t think I was gonna get it all done. I still had a family and a job and no “extra” time as it was and now I was looking at a seemingly impossible pile of more work. I was ready to quit completely. The Lord had told me already that He wanted ALL or NOTHING from me where school was concerned and even with my ALL it didn’t look like I’d ever get this work done in time to finish the class. Since my “all” didn’t seem like it was gonna be enough, I sat and prayed and said “Lord, I don’t want to quit! I was never a quitter in my younger life but somehow I have become one in my current life and I want ME back! I want a finishing anointing and beyond that I want a thriving anointing! Help me Lord! I just can’t do this!”

And, as He always is….He was faithful to answer. He said to me “My child, you are spending so much time trying to “catch up” with everyone else that you are missing the whole point of the work you’re doing. What you are doing is still about pleasing and working for the acceptance of the teachers…not ME. It is supposed to be about CHANGING YOUR CHARACTER so you can better represent ME in a way you never have before…Not doing the work. And definitely NOT “catching up” on the work. You will NEVER get there by “catching up” Virginia.”

Wow! Ok Lord….ok. So I did it. I quit! I did! I just gave up! I gave up the need to be in control of the situation before me. I gave up trying to “move” the mountain I was looking at on my own. I gave up the idea of “getting it all done” by the time that I had given myself. And I quit! I quit doing “homework.” I quit looking at it as work at all. I quit looking at how much was there and I quit looking at how much was left. I took a breath, asked God to forgive me, and started again. This time it was from the heart. It was REAL. And before I could even THINK about the “work” I was doing I had 2 chapters done and was almost caught up in one class.

All because I quit! I quit doing the HOMEwork and started doing what it actually was. SOULwork! And just like that it quit being a struggle and started to be exciting because I started to see the real seed of Sonship beginning to sprout out of the soil of my heart.

Now, here I am 2 weeks later, and I am fully caught up in one class and over halfway caught up in the other. And not one person has said “same on you Virginia” or “you’ve missed the mark” or anything else I could have imagined was gonna be said or done. In fact I have encountered just the opposite and have had nothing but support and encouragement for pushing through and succeeding.

So, I pray today that you are encouraged by this little story from my life to just start doing whatever it is that is before you little by little. I mean, Rome wasn’t built by one person in a single day right? So, why do we think we should be able to do it on our own in our time? I’ve been saying for 2 months now….this is my “Nike” season…”just do it!” And I pray it becomes the same for all of you as well!

Thank you for reading!

Abundant blessings to you,

Virginia Pierce – Beautifully Wrecked

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