9/11. The World Just Stopped.

It’s been more than 2 decades…but it still feels like yesterday. Still so many unanswered questions for so many. Still so fresh for anyone who was over the age of being able to remember the tragic event.

It brought many changes, both good and bad. It brought unity in some areas and division in others. Every year we all pay tribute. The world seems to go quiet and still each year even if just for a few hrs.

I was in bed. Asleep. 19 years old. Living with my boyfriend and his mother. Suddenly she comes in in a panic and throws open the doors on the armoire and turned on the TV. We sat up just to watch the 2nd plane hit. What are we watching right now? Am I dreaming? Is this a movie trailer? No. This is REAL LIFE. I realize this as the news caster contines to explain whats going on. Panic filled my chest. I was suddenly not even groggy anymore. Wide awake and shook to my core. What was going to become of the world we live in? What did this mean? Who would do such a  heinous thing? So. Many. Questions.

It was a quiet rest of the day. We went to work. None of us spoke to each other for what seemed like hrs and hrs. Nothing we could say even seemed important.

Many years have past. But the pain and realness of that day never really fades completely. Each year we remember. Memorials have been erected. Life seems to have moved on. Changes made in all areas of travel to help prevent it from ever happening again. So much loss. But also so much unity. Still, every year, we all stop and be still for just a moment as we remember. We have moved forward. We have carried on with our everyday lives. Most have stopped living in fear of traveling. Yet we will never forget. The moment that the entire world stood still.

Funny how tragedy can bring such awesome levels of unity. What would the world look like if we stayed united even after the tragedy? What if we loved each other through loss and chaos like we did 20+ years ago? Everyone is just doing the best they can in this crazy life we live in. I never want to relive that moment. But often find myself wishing we could go back to the after part. The coming together as a unit. The love for those who lost so much. I know there’s nothing I can do to change the world, but I do wish for just a moment we could remember. We say we will never forget that moment. But wouldn’t it be nicer if we would never forget the good that came out of it and we all stayed united for the good of the country?

Just my thoughts and rant this morning as I think back on the moment the world stood still.

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