Today was prophesied a year ago! This is NOT a joke!

Ok, y’all know I AM NOT a political person, nor do I push my beliefs in the area. BUT….THIS is just 🤯 for me!
Y’all, this is a prophecy given a year ago (well before talk of impeachment began) and it came to pass today!! I’m sorry, but if you can’t SEE that we need to be aware of the warnings coming to us….idk what else can convince you…..

Death/Impeachment Warning

Also, if I come up missing or worse after posting this (or at the very least get kicked off Facebook… know why!! )
This is the 2nd thing of this nature I’ve shared….and the 1st I’ve done so publicly…..(the other was sent in private messages)….I even started to put it on my personal Facebook timeline and felt llike it needed to be here instead!

Stuff is getting real y’all!

Pray for our country!

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