Conflict at Thanksgiving

My holidays have been bsiclly the same every year for the last 6 years. Call my folks, watch the parade and drink our coffee, then lounging till mealtime at sister-in-law’s. A few years we went to a friend’s or something for lunch maybe.

This year though The Lord has me in this isolation season and it is all different. This year I didn’t call my folks due to being busy and us being in a season of not really talking right now due to a family conflict. And, we had to pray about going to the in-laws due to some conflict between one of them. SO, this year we went to my adopted mama and papa’s for lunch. It was so enjoyable. No stress, strife, drama, or discord. Just good times and joy! We met some new family, ate, and even had a Texas snowball fight. It was wonderful. Then we came home and napped and relaxed. We finished the day at the in-laws and The Lord worked on the conflict there and it turned out to be a good night. Now The Lord is working on a slow reconciliation of all who have been wounded during the isolation season. 

It never stops blowing my mind to watch The Lord work. See, the thing is with conflict, it’s usually between those we love or at the very least care about. Think about it for a minute, if someone you don’t know says or does something hurtful, it doesn’t hit you the same as when a close friend or loved one does it. It is surface-level at best. But when love is involved it pulls out things by the roots, so it hurts us in ways we often can’t even explain. It’s a grief of sorts. A mourning of the way things were. A deep pain. But when you allow The Lord to sprinkle His love into the situation, it all begins to heal and the reconciliation can begin.

Holding onto hurt is harder on our peace than anything else, and no one but you can let go of that hurt and allow Papa to heal it from the inside.

If there is someone you are at odds with (even yourself) I challenge you today to allow Papa to come in and begin working there and healing all wounds.

Blessings Loves,


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