The Kingdom is Like Soup

Have you ever cooked a really good soup on the stove? It doesn’t take long to toss all the ingredients into the pot and heat the water, but if you want it to taste good, you gotta let it simmer. The longer the better. The more time it is on the heat the more the flavors are all melding together. And most soups are the best when eaten the next day after being cooled and reheated. Similarly, I believe being a true follower of Christ is much the same way. See, tossing all the stuff in the pot and turning on the flame (salvation) is easy and takes very little time. However, if you want the GOOD flavors of the soup (Kingdom) you must let the low flame slowly allow the flavors to bloom from within you. This is done by melding with the other ingredients in your life (The people in the body) and allowing the heat to expand you so you can absorb all the juices. Walking out Kingdom principles takes time and heat, and sometimes we even get to a place where we need to cool overnight and reheat the next day in order to get the BEST flavors. In real life that looks like backing up repenting, getting it wrong, trying again, arguing with members of the body, and doing life in general with Jesus and your head chef!

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