Testimony Tuesdays – Heather Gilbert

Q: My first recollection of being in church was…

A: I was 17 years old and me and my mom and my sister went to the biggest church I had ever been to and it was the best service I had been to in a while after I got to meet my father and siblings for the first time in 15 years

Q: The closest I have felt to God in my life was…

A: After my daughter was born and I went to church one day and before service they played some songs and I looked at her and all of a sudden I had this feeling and I got chills and it was like every thing in the world just stopped and all the hurt I felt was gone

Q: The time I have felt the greatest doubt or distance from God was…

A: When I had given my daughter up for adoption I felt like God had left me and I lost my way I started to believe he was no longer real I was so broken and lost until I said God if your real five me a sign I turned on the radio and thy will be done came on .

Q: If I could thank God for just one incident in my life it would be ______ and why?

A: In 2018 I gave birth to a very handsome 8pound 4 ounce baby boy but the birth wasn’t easy during birth I remember telling my father this “Diddy I give up I can’t do this I feel so weak ” I didn’t know I was having that much trouble bring my baby into this world my father begun to pray he said I thought I was literally watching my daughter and grandson die but I had so many people that didn’t know my Diddy was praying but they were to and God heard all the prayers and he gave me and my son the strength to fight for a little while long and he was born healthy and I was fine as well

Q: If I could thank God for just one person in my faith journey it would be _______ and why?

A: My Diddy and Ginny because those are the two people I know I can text at any time of the day or night and no they won’t answer as soon as I sent the message and that’s OK cause they answer back when I need it and up lift me more than anyone I could have ever met and they pray with me and have helped me get where I am no I’m beyond thankful for God putting two of the best godly loving people in my life

Q: If I could name a turning point in my life for my relationship with God it would be ________ and why?

A: When I lost EVERYTHING and me and my kids didn’t know what to do next and I hit to my knees and said God please if not for me but for my babies show me what I need to do next and my YouTube started to play oceans by hillsong I grabbed my kids in the biggest hug and I cried so hard I could cry for like 3 days later that day a friend of mine came to my house and said the place where she was working needed people and I got a job there .

Q: If I had to tell someone why I am a Christian…

A: I would have to say because
who wouldn’t want to have a relationship with God if you don’t your truly missing out he can make a drug addict sober and a preacher he can make the handicapped walk the blind see the deaf hear the sick healthy I’ve seen to much to not believe he can do anything and I want to be a part of that and he has personally done things for me I lived when I shouldn’t have survived a horrible car crash ,childbirth, and much much more I’ve seen him bring families back together so I recommend give it a try and see what he can do for you and your family

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